Members of The Team

Craig 'Pinky' Patterson
Born 1985. Senior Work Rider

Pinky portrait
Pinky is a plumber to trade and works with a local firm in Hawick, where he also lives.

Pinky is an experienced work rider, and has been considered a reliable, first class horseman by all of the local trainers with whom he has been associated over the passed years.

So where did the nickname of 'Pinky' come from?
There are some of our local Hawick owners who have never referred to Craig as anything else, so we just had to seek out its' origins.
Well, it harks back to primary school and the first outing of an excited class of youngsters to 'the baths' (aka the local swimming pool). Being of such a young age, Craig's sports bag was lovingly packed by his mum. However, once in the changing area, as the young Craig unpacked his sport bag...there it was, for all his class mates to see - a pink towel! Oh mum!

Anyway, here is another young man who we are delighted to see back at Dodlands for yet another season where he will be riding out at weekends and the occasional morning.

Pinky riding out

Sarah Brown
Born August 1998, Stable lass, work rider

sarah close up

Local girl Sarah Brown joined us for the start of the 2016-17 season as the latest member of our full time staff.

Like almost all of Hawick (!), Sarah comes from a family who have been involved with horses professionally, as her mother has spent a number of years working with equestrian horses.

Of course, being new and female, Sarah comes in for a bit of gentle teasing from the lads (well, almost all, apart from 'knee high to a grasshopper' Aidan). But Sarah gives as good as she gets, and is thoroughly enjoying the atmosphere and set up at Dodlands Steading.
From coming into the yard in the autumn of 2016, Sarah has progressed rapidly from being a competent horsewoman, to improving her riding style though the daily work riding schedule and is now a valued morning pilot on the gallops.
In addition, Sarah is an excellent yardperson.

 Favourite horse - Tomahawk Wood (pictured on the left with Sarah)

Sarah and Arthur

Lisa Telford
Born December 1983, Stable lass, work rider (part time)

LisaT close up

Lisa's been part of the team here at Dodlands since the middle of 2016, combining a 2 year course in Horse Care Level 3 at Boswell's College with 2-day work placement with us.
And she's loving all aspects of it, working hard towards her aim of graduating in May 2018. And if Lisa put the same amount of diligence into her course work as she does with her stable duties, she'll stroll through!

Having never ridden a thoroughbred in a gallop prior to joining the yard, Lisa has worked hard on her ability in the saddle (with the help of Hartforth, Paper Roses and Baby Ticker!), and is now very much a part of the morning exercise rota.

Lisa has her mind set upon a full time job in one of the several Training establishments in the area at the end of her college course.

She lives locally with her two daughters, and her favourite horses are Eternally Yours and Dali Mail.

Lisa and Hart

Georgina Shiels
Born January 1991. Stable lass, work rider (part time)

Georgiona portrait

Georgina is an experienced rider of thoroughbreds and joined us here at Dodlands on an occasional basis during 2017. So, it was with great delight that she accepted a part time position with us early in 2018.

Her father is Jedburgh trainer (under Rules and Point-to-Point) Raymond Shiels based in nearby Jedburgh, and indeed it was her dad who gave Georgina a several rides in Points over the last few seasons. Although never able to quite get that elusive winner, she was placed several times.
Now if only dad has bought a better quality of horse...

So between being a member of the morning Dodlands' team, putting up with Callum's moans, helping out round her father's yard and bringing up young Archie, Georgina certainly has a packed day!

She is an excellent rider and has quickly become a valuable member of the team.

Georgina riding out

Mathew "Kingy" King
Born December 1998, Stable lad, work rider (weekend)

Kingy portrait
You know, we always like our weekend staff to feel at home at our yard, after all it's probably their first job and the atmosphere in many yards can be daunting. So, we here at Dodlands are keen to think up a nickname should any of out staff have the same forename.
Now, this is not a trivial task, and endless hours of thought goes into it. None more so that the moniker bestowed on young Mathew here, and 'Kingy' it is.

Kingy has been here for the last 5 seasons now (he's a former pupil of Hawick High) and is now an apprentice electrician with a local Hawick firm. His day job consists of working and learning on-the-job, combined with a couple of days at a local college. He loves the work, but takes his weekend job seriously (er - is that the right way round - ed?).
When down at the yard, Kingy is Hartforth's regular work rider.
You'll recall our gelding won 3 handicap hurdles in 2013-14, once again in 2014-15, plus a fifth success in the most recent 2016-17 season.
Can the experienced gelding be coaxed into one final victory? Well Kingy is most certainly looking forward to the challenge for 2017-18 season.

Kingy and Brooke

Murray Dodds
Born January 2001, Stable lad, work rider (weekend)

Murray portrait
The Hawick Conveyor Belt is still rolling!

Murray is the latest teenager to join the yard at the weekends, and once again the answer to the stock question of 'how long have you been riding?' is 'all my life'.
Murray is in his 6th Year at Hawick High, studying hard to add to his impressive collection of five 'Highers' by taking in 3 Advance Highers in Chemistry, Biology and Physics.
He has his own 15hh Connemara Pony and takes part in Pony Club and Common Riding events, and he has impressed us all in the first few weeks of the 2017-18 National Hunt season with his style when riding work on our thoroughbreds. Looking ahead to the New Year, it wont be long before Murray is applying for his Provisional Driving Licence.

He's just loving popping down to the yard, and his favourite horses are Baby Ticker and 'Reeva' our young Oscar filly. On hearing this, Sarah quickly intervened to tell Murray that he had a fight on his hands as 'Reeva' is her regular ride!
It's okay Murray - Sarah has every Sunday and every other Saturday off, so keep in with Callum and you should be fine!
Seriously though, great to see you at the yard - a very conscientious worker.

Murray and Hart

Aidan Redpath
Born 2002, Stable lad, work rider (weekend)

Aidan & Percy
We're always delighted to offer opportunities of work riding and general stable maintenance to the horse-mad teenagers of Hawick. Over the last couple of decades, there have been dozens who rise early on weekend mornings to make it down to Dodlands for 1st lot. Looking back, it really pleasing to see how many have gone on to make a career in racing - from jockeys (including a couple of champions) to senior stable staff.  
Last season (2016-17), young Aidan has joined us at weekends and school holidays, and we've been impressed by both his riding skills and hard work around the yard.
Of course, we shouldn't have been surprised in any way by his riding - his father is a fine rider - as Aidan has been riding since he was 4 years old. In 2016, he raced his own pony on the 'Pony Racing' circuit in the Scottish Borders, and won 6 races plus a pony race at Hexham Point-to-Point for good measure.
Aidan spent a few weeks in the summer of 2017 down at Mark Johnston's yard gaining valuable experience on full time working life in a racing stable. He loved it!
Back with us at Dodlands for 2017-18, Aidan has ambitions set on becoming a jockey, with his fall back being a travelling head lad job with Godolphin!
Favourite horse - Hartforth, Tomahawk Wood - in fact any chestnut with a white face.

Aidan and Bruce

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