Members of The Team

Garry Whillans
Born 1987. Senior work rider (weekends)

Garry portrait
It's not that long ago since Garry was our first choice National Hunt jockey. Indeed he rode 10 winners in that sphere before joining Alan Swinbank and concentrating on the flat.

Garry is now retired and working as a plumber for a local firm. However, he spent his last couple of years in the saddle as a freelance riding winners for the likes of Scobie Jardine and Brother Ali. Garry rode over 35 winners on the flat.

So, we're delighted that, once again, Garry is coming along most weekends to Dodlands Steading, as his vast experience will not be lost on us here.
Garry is so meticulous in every aspect of his life, and his yard management and work ethic he is a huge influence on our young weekend riders.
Oh, and he has been known to suggest the odd good idea to his father and brother - not that they ever let on!!.

On a personal note, in 2016 Garry married Amy, and they live in nearby Jedburgh and have a young son, Freddie,  the apple of his grandmother's eye - sorry Callum & Garry but there's no competition!!

Garry riding out Julie

Craig 'Pinky' Patterson
Born 1985. Senior Work Rider

Pinky portrait
Pinky is a plumber to trade and works with a local firm in Hawick, where he also lives.

Pinky is an experienced work rider, and has been considered a reliable, first class horseman by all of the local trainers with whom he has been associated over the passed years.

So where did the nickname of 'Pinky' come from?
There are some of our local Hawick owners who have never referred to Craig as anything else, so we just had to seek out its' origins.
Well, it harks back to primary school and the first outing of an excited class of youngsters to 'the baths' (aka the local swimming pool). Being of such a young age, Craig's sports bag was lovingly packed by his mum. However, once in the changing area, as the young Craig unpacked his sport bag...there it was, for all his class mates to see - a pink towel! Oh mum!

Anyway, here is another young man who we are delighted to see back at Dodlands for yet another season where he will be riding out at weekends and the occasional morning.

Pinky riding out

Georgina Shiels
Born January 1991. Stable lass, work rider

Georgiona portrait

Georgina is an experienced rider of thoroughbreds and joined us here at Dodlands on an occasional basis during 2017. So, it was with great delight that she has now accepted a full time position with us for the 2018-19 NH season.

Her father is Jedburgh trainer (under Rules and Point-to-Point) Raymond Shiels based in nearby Jedburgh, and indeed it was her dad who gave Georgina a several rides in Points over the last few seasons. Although never able to quite get that elusive winner, she was placed several times.
Now if only dad has bought a better quality of horse...

So between being a member of the morning Dodlands' team, putting up with Callum's moans, helping out round her father's yard and bringing up young Archie, Georgina certainly has a packed day!

She is an excellent rider and has quickly become a valuable member of the team.

Georgina riding out

Mathew "Kingy" King
Born December 1998, Stable lad, work rider (weekend)

Kingy portrait
You know, we always like our weekend staff to feel at home at our yard, after all it's probably their first job and the atmosphere in many yards can be daunting. So, we here at Dodlands are keen to think up a nickname should any of out staff have the same forename.
Now, this is not a trivial task, and endless hours of thought goes into it. None more so that the moniker bestowed on young Mathew here, and 'Kingy' it is.

Kingy has been here for the last 6 seasons now (he's a former pupil of Hawick High) and is now an apprentice electrician with a local Hawick firm.
His day job consists of working and learning on-the-job, combined with a couple of days at a local college, and Kingy is now entering his 3rd and final year of his apprenticeship. He loves the work, but takes his weekend job seriously (er - is that the right way round - ed?).

Kingy is down at the yard most weekends during the NH Season and Callum makes full use  of Kingy's experience especially during the Satuday 'work' mornings.

Kingy and Brooke

Cameron Knox
Born.....well, now in his prime, Yardman

Cameron portrait
We're delighted to welcome Cameron to the team here at Dodlands for the start of the 2018-19 NH Season. He joins as our yardman.

Cameron is a recently retired local business man. He has been employed for many years an an Architect, providing technical design services to several large financial companies in Scotland (Standard Life, Scottish Widows etc.).
He can also lay claim to fame to having worked on prestigious projects like The Royal Yacht Britannia and Trump Turnberry, although sadly Cameron never got to meet neither The Queen nor Donald Trump.

Cameron has lived locally in Hawick all his life, and Donald can recall Cameron as a fellow member of The Boys' Brigade - and that wasn't yesterday.

For the past couple of decades Cameron has been in and around horses as a past-time, keeping and enjoying lightweight hunters.

Jean & Cameron

Leah Dodd
Born March 2004, Stable lass, work rider (weekend)

Leah portrait
Regular readers of Stable Updates will recall Hawick High school sixth-former Murray Dodd who worked at Dodlands on a part-time basis last season. Well, after a few weeks at the British Racing School, Murray joined Dan Skelton at the start of October.

Leah is Murray's younger sister, and if she shares just half of her brother's methodical, thoughtful and dedicated approach to the job, she'll do just fine for us.

Seriously though, it's a delight to welcome this young lady down to Dodlands.

Leah is in her 3rd year at Hawick High School, where she definitely prefers the more active studies as her favourite class is P.E.
When pressed, Leah can't really recall time when she wasn't riding and has been a member of Eskdale Pony Club for a number of years.

Her favourite horse is Paper Roses, and she's thoroughly enjoying weekend stable life and is looking forward to an opportunity to join the yard at the races.

Leah and Niamh

Rebecca Gray
Born July 2003, Stable lass, work rider (weekend)

Rebecca portrait
The second of the trio of local Hawick girls to comne down to the yard each weekend for the 2018-19 NH Season is Hawick High School S4 pupil Rebecca Gray.

Like Leah, Rebecca has been in and around horses for most of her life, and is a member of the local Pony Club. In fact she has had her own pony for a couple of years.

Asked for some interesting facts about herself for this small article, Rebecca was a bit shy, so here goes with a couple...

- her cousin is flat jockey Rowan Scott who as well as having had a couple of rides for the yard on the flat, has over 50 winners to his credit
- she joins in with the Hawick Common Riding most summers, first appearing at the age of 9
- she's still undecided who is her stable favourite...'I've not ridden all the horses yet'

Rebecca and Brooke

Laura Arnott
Born September 2003, Stable lass, work rider (weekend)

Laura portrait
And last but not least, welcome to Laura Arnott who has joined the yard on a part-time basis as a weekend stable lass. Laura also attends Hawick High School and is in the 4th form studying hard for the end of school year Nat 5s.

Although the least experienced of the girls who joined in September - Laura has been riding for three years - she is looking forward to the opportunity to improve her riding skills and technique.
She certainly has plenty role models to choose from as Pinky, Kingy and Georgina are all excellent, stylish work riders.

Laura has already shown that she is a most willing worker, eager to learn all aspects of stable life and duties.

Her favourite horse is Baby Ticker.

Laura and Niamh
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