Go racing as an Owner

As long as you are an ROA Member, and own at least 5% of a horse, you are entitled to free entry to any meeting at any of Scotland’s 5 race courses.

Own 50% of a horse (or the equivalent) and the offer extends to most courses in the UK!

The first step to take about getting involved in ownership with Donald, is quite simple. Get in touch.....drop us an email, arrange a stable visit, phone us – follow the link here to the Contact page.

The types of ownership are outlined below, but whether you are an individual, group of friends or whatever, Donald will have horses (both untried, and ready to race) for your consideration, either as whole or part owned.

Or, if you already have a horse or have a specific horse purchase in mind, Donald will be delighted to talk through your plans.

Anyway, here’s a brief overview to ownership – further reading at :

BHA site https://www.britishhorseracing.com/regulation/ownership/become-an-owner/
Facts & on-line handbook http://www.roa.co.uk/en/owners-resources/roa-guide-to-racehorse-ownership/index.cfm

Sole Ownership

Really just what it says. You will be the owner of the horse and no one else.
Responsible for all costs and recipient of owner’s prize money.
Donald will ensure that you, alone, have a close involvement with all decisions regarding the horse. Choose the name of your horse, colours and complete registration and you’re off, so to speak.
As an example, see Eternally Yours owned by Al Duncan.

Racing Partnership

This can consist of a group of individuals, two of whom must be registered owners. The horse will run under a ‘partnership’ name.
As an example, see Dali Mail, owned by The Zidane Partnership.

Race day winners
                         Some of our owners enjoying success after Keyboard Gangster wins a £40,000 added handicap hurdle at Kelso.

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