Schooling fences
The schooling lane for the fences is set on a gentle incline, in the field adjacent to the gallops.
The Open Ditch is shown below.
Open ditch
The lane of schooling 'hurdles' we use, was a new construction for season 2013-14. Based on a old chasing lane, the line of 5 jumps runs parallel to the schooling fences lane, and is furthest away from the Up the Middle woodchip gallop.

The jumps are made of a variety of wooden and rubber tyres  - rather than race hurdles - which provide the capability of varying the height of each obstacle, with a solid middle but yet providing a easier surface should horses brush the top with their legs.

Hurdle schooling lane
Schooling is carried out by Callum, with assistance from our experienced work riders..

Hurdle schooling
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