Costs of Ownership

The costs of keeping a horse in training are not only subject to regional variations, but also from trainer to trainer.

Here are the costs at Dodlands Steading for the 2017-18 season.

In training - per week

Weekly training fee £230
Blacksmith (on average) £20
Vet (again on average) £20

At the races - per race

Race entry £50
Transport to course/lad (on average) £200
Jockey Fee £150

Out of training - per week

At grass weekly fee £15

Racing Admin

Ownership admin (annual approx.) £200
ROA membership £195

Example of cost

As an example, in a 52 week year, a horse may be in training for 42 weeks with 10 weeks at grass.
Let's assume 5 races.

Annual cost

In Training £11,340
At the races £2,000
Out of training £150
Racing Admin £395


Annually £13,885
Monthly £1,157
Weekly £267

Of course, there is the possibility of prize money, although probably best to budget on the assumption of none – then treat any returns as a very pleasant surprise!

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