25th November news

Saturday gallops

Bright, crisp morning (eh?, it was baltic - ed) at Dodlands with the first lot home and hosed before the sun was up. 'Dessie' (whose racing name of Bluefortytwo has been confirmed), Eternally Yours and 'Reeva' did a couple of pieces of work as a trio. We'd expect an initial run from each of these youngsters before the end of the year.

The trio of horses in the second lot - Shades of Midnight, Night Comes In and Dali Mail did one brisk canter as a group, with 'Shady' and 'Arthur' given a more strenuous gallop second time up.

Lot 2
Lot 2 - Shades of Midnight leads Dali Mail and Night Comes In

Four of the string made up Lot 3, Paper Roses and Keyboard Gangster both impressing in their respective gallops while Big Bad Dream and Hartforth came up three times and curiously impressing most on the last occasion.

Lot 3
Lot 3 - Hartforth and Big Bad Dream lead Paper Roses and Keyboard Gangster

After a break for breakfast - extra toast for Sarah - the final quartet of the morning headed for the gallops. Tomahawk Wood (an easy canter), Side of the Road, Baby Ticker and 'Sting' completed the morning exercise.
Paper Promise has picked up a minor issue and will be on the easy list for a week or so. Nothing serious, but she wont make her Wetherby engagement on Wednesday.


TSMGW Monthly Awards

A more opinionated bunch you'd be hard pressed to find, but there seemed to be a consensus reached on the award of the gallop watchers' monthly prize.

Following her excellent first race of the season 10 days ago, Paper Roses was positively sparkling in her couple of gallops this morning, and looking increasingly stylish was her work rider, young Sarah Brown.

A much sought after accolade, better luck next time Callum, Pinky, Kingy, Murray et al.

Most impressive horse : Paper Roses
Top work rider : Sarah Brown

Paper Roses
TSMGW monthy award winners  - Paper Roses and Sarah Brown

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