Alfie :  Chief Security Officer par excellence

Security first class
Of course, the first sight visitors to Dodlands Steading meet is our Chief Security Officer - none other than that 'master of the inquisition', namely our Jack Russell terrier named Alfie!
All come under the watchful eye of this suspiciously-minded dog, who approaches visitors cautiously, never losing eye contact even for just one second.
However, what follows next belies the role and responsibility of one who bears the tag 'Security Officer'!
There are 2 outcomes.
Either Alfie slowly approaches the visitor, finding a boot or an extended fingertip to lick.
The other reaction, is for Alfie to do a swift about-turn and head for the safety of the environs of the trainer's bungalow.

Can it get any better for Alfie?
Free to inspect the nooks and crannies of the stable, and roam the vast areas of the gallops. It's a dog's life sure enough!

Alfie in the yard

Hamish : Trainee Security Officer

Security trainee
With the number of horses at Dodland's Steading on the increase, it had been crossing our minds for some time that the responsibility of ensuring the safety of the equine inhabitants was too much for just one guard.
Our Chief Security Officer agreed and set about sorting through the C.V.s of applicants and cut this down to a small shortlist of those to be interviewed.
It was a difficult choice in the end, with three strong applicants in particular, but Alfie eventually did reach a decision, and we can now introduce his Trainee Security Officer - Hamish.

Equally at home roaming the yard and bounding over the gallops, totally ignoring any horse or human that should cross his part, he's ideal for the job (?). His favourite ride is most definitely on the rear of Donald's quad bike on the regular trip to the gallops, but he usually gives way to rank and relinquishes this prime spot to his superior officer.

Hamish has also been known to respond to the name 'Moffat' but, truth be told, whether this is a term of endearment or a jibe at his place of birth, remains a bit of a mystery.

Hamish on the gallops
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