24th July news

Wor Lass runs at Musselburgh tomorrow

Well....that was quite a spell of persistent rain we experienced over the weekend. There were rumours of more than one Ark being built around the country, and if it didn't quite match up to that 40 days and 40 nights fable, it did team down in biblical proportions.

Incredibly, the Racing Post is informing us that watering is in progress at Musselburghgoodtofirm.....

Come rain or shine, and the forecast is for brights spells, Wor Lass runs in the stayers race tomorrow at that Edinburgh seaside venue, over a few feet short of 2 miles. Rowan Scott comes in for the ride for this Class 4 event.

Wor Lass and friend
Wor Lass leads a new friend in a recent gallop


On the NH front.....

The Trainer looked back in his diary the other day and there are several of our jumping string that have been at grass coming up to the 10 week mark. That's the length of spell in the field that rings an automatic alarm bell in his mind, as the final 'power hosing' of the yard is completed and the 'winter' geldings, mares and fillies are welcomed back into the yard.

But wait! Being the recipient of one of those new fangled, modern technology i-phones, the days of hard-book diaries, post-it notes, slips of paper and automatic alarms will soon be in the past, as details of all of the string, important vaccination dates, etc. will be transferred into his hand held device - constantly fully charged of course........
Now, that's progress!

The mixture of a few wet days, and a few scorchers has provided excellent summer grass for the string. Night Comes In and Shady round the back of Denholm, Big Bad Dream and Dali Mail out at Bonchester, 'Spud' and 'Sid' across the road, 'Hart' and Tomahawk Wood plus the six mares out at Southfield, Baby Ticker up at Rachel's...............they look in magnificent condition.
Probably the Denholm Two may be the first back in, but they'll all get a minimum of 10 weeks on holiday.

Mares at Southfield
Our six mares and fillies out at Southfield

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