Tatts Ireland : August NH Store Sales 2014-16 Review

Statistical analysis of purchases 2014-16

Tatts Ireland August National Hunt Sales overview

It is oft mentioned on this web-site, but no apology is given for once again tipping our hat to our favourite sale of National Hunt horses.
Tattersalls (Ireland) NH Stores August Sale is the venue for the 2, sometime 3, day extravaganza which rounds off the major NH Spring and Summer sales conducted by the leading companies in the field, Goffs and Tattersalls.
With this year's renewal taking place next week, this timely look at 'how we have done' in recent years was undertaken.

To put a little context into the analysis of our own 'sales and training' performance of recent times (see Table 2), firstly a statistical summary of this Tatts Ireland sale for the last 4 years is provided in Table 1.

Table 1 : Sales Statistics - recent years

Sale Horses
Sold         Average      Median     
Tattersalls August 2013 NH Store Sale   635 365 €7,485 €4,800
Tattersalls August 2014 NH Store Sale                                                             756 471 €9,569 €6,000
Tattersalls August 2015 NH Store Sale   730 398 €9,100 €5,500
Tattersalls August 2016 NH Store Sale   662 365 €8,291 €5,000

*  Average : total aggregate of sold horses ÷ no. of horses sold
** Median : place all horses sold in order, highest price to lowest price, the median is the price attained by the midpoint horse
NB : as a comparison, the average price at this years Tatts Ireland Derby Sale (NH Stores) was €50,000

A fairly low key sale in monetary terms but one which is most suited to the budget of our stable and, vitally, that of our existing and potentially new owners.
In many ways, it is fairly easy (?) for the strong, forward, good looking sorts backed up with a catalogue page full of 'black type' to catch the eye at such sales. And with an open cheque book, the most attractive fillies and gelding can be purchased.
But the ever increasing competition at all of the National Hunt Store Sales over the last 2-3 years (where £40,000 has become the new £25,000), has meant that the majority of stables are under increasing pressure to keep a strict control of their budget.

Sales analysis results

As Table 2 below shows, it is remarkable how successful Dodlands Steading has been in purchasing and subsequently training horses to perform at a level that outstrips their cost.
Cast your eye over how we've done recently.........

Table 2 : Analysis of performances of horses bought by stable

Name of horse Sales
Sex          Price Race
Best RPR Comment
Paper Roses   2014 2011 filly      €2,000  32/3U7382-  104b, 111h progressive hurdler
Keyboard Gangster 2014 2011 gelding €4,600 86- 107b twice raced in bumpers
Big Bad Dream   2015 2012 gelding €3,500  35- 108b twice raced in bumpers
b g Ask ex Allgrownup   2015 2012 gelding €2,000  -   unraced to date
b g Spadoun ex Blue Dragon   2015 2012 gelding €1,200  -   unraced to date
Night Comes In   2015 2012 gelding €17,500  65- 88b, 95h+ promising novice hurdler
Side of the Road   2015 2012 filly €10,000  957- 74b, 68h well bred filly, staying novice
Paper Promise   2016 2012 filly €1,600  -2 93b+ promising bumper/hurdler
b g Scorpion ex High Court Action   2016 2013 gelding €3,200  -   unraced to date, by top class NH sire
b f Oscar ex Kinnegads Pride   2016 2013 gelding €3,000  -   well bred filly, unraced to date

***    statistics from 1st August 2014 - 31st July 2017
****   Abbreviations
         RPR : Racing Post Rating. A mark of 100 is taken as a benchmark of performance at an average (i.e. good) level
         b : bumper, a National Hunt Flat race
         h : hurdle race

Our aim at each sale over the last 3 years has been to identify purchase 'possibles' in advance from the Sales Catalogue while leaving plenty opportunity to add to the list by inspecting eye-catching, good looking sorts in the sales yards.
As the above table shows, apart from an obvious outlier, our budget is based upon the 50% of horses that are priced below the median at each August Sale.
As this year's sale approaches (16-17th August), we've taken stock on just how Dodlands Steading has performed in the acquisition and training of young, unbroken National Hunt. And the results are very positive, as can be seen from Table 2!

So, what gives Dodlands Steading an edge?

Well, Donald has been attending thoroughbred racehorse sales since he was a teenager in the company of his father, and likewise has been accompanied by his own son Callum for the last 10 years. Together, they provide decades of experience in assessing horse conformation, attitude, temperament, gait, that 'glint in the eye' and pedigree. And all with a challenging budget in mind!
That knowledge just cannot be understated.
And year upon year, their judgment pays dividends on the racecourse......viz the purchase of multiple winners in recent times such as Baby Gee, Well Disguised, Hartforth, etc. - all for under £4,500.

Couple that with a training approach geared to the development of the individual horse, structured to bringing the horse to a natural peak in line with maturity - whether that be at 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 (and occasionally older) years of age.

This year's August Sale

Donald and Callum, plus a couple of existing owners have been preparing intensely in advance of attending this years Tatts Ireland NH Sale (on 16th - 17th August click here for catalogue) and will return with 2 or 3 well chosen horses bought at a modest budget, but with the aim of racing at an above average level.
We'd love you to join us in experiencing the excitement of ownership and thrills of racing which you can do by getting in touch either pre-sale or post-sale to view our sales acquisitions from this, or any previous, years.

And embark upon the journey of a lifetime!!

See our Contacts page for how best to get in touch.

The Sisters
 The 'Paper' sisters : Roses & Promise were both bought at the Tatts Ire NH August sales

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