22nd October news

Weekend gallops, news, technology, gossip.......and downright fibs!

Six of Hawick's finest were in on Saturday morning, affording the yard the luxury of just three lots of 6 horses. It was a work morning for several of the horses who'll be nearing a run in the next 3-4 weeks.  These horses were Boy In The Bubble (the Ask gelding formerly known as 'Sid'), Side of the Road, Night Comes In, Eternally Yours, Paper Promise and 'Reeva'.

TSMGW were present and correct, augmented this week on a fine Autumn morning by several of Nick Bannerman's cohorts from the Potassium Partnership.
See a separate report for more pictures of their horse Shades of Midnight.

Those avid readers of this web-site will have already noticed that the Horses in Training page has an additional 3 horses.
You may remember that our August foray across the Irish Sea bore fruit in the purchase of a couple of 3 yr olds in the shape of an Arakan gelding and a Getaway filly. Wor Lass acted a lead horse for the pair on only their second appearance on the Dodlands gallops - see the photo at the foot of this page.
To top that, we were delighted last week when Jedburgh man Rob Bewley sent over an unraced 4yr old gelding by Overbury. Rob has done a fair bit of pre-training with the gelding, and he joined in with five of his new stablemates in the first lot of the day in 2 canters on the Up-the-Middle gallop.

More details of the trio will be added in the next week or so.

As can be spotted in the photos below, young Aidan Redpath was back amongst the Weekend Work Riders. Over the summer holidays, and utilising his work experience break too, Aiden spent several weeks at the yard of Middleham flat maestro Mark Johnson, gaining experience in all aspects of working in a yard.

Of course, you may have seen recent adverts from Mark......

                                                          "Experienced work riders required, Hawick men preferred"


A couple of our regular gallop watchers have appointments next week at Borders General. Fozzo is under the knife for some keyhole surgery on his knee, clearing up stray pieces of cartilage and bone shavings. He'll be joined by Ian 'Rat Catcher' Aitken, who's having attention paid to annoying cataracts.
Hope all goes well with you both, and look forward to seeing you down at the yard soon.

Mention of Fozzo.........these Apps that can be downloaded to a phone.....I mean, those cycle/running apps that use GPS technology to track and record training runs are quite popular and fairly familiar to most athletes, joggers and pedal pushers. Fozzo stunned onlookers, in the 25 minutes or so between lots by pointing his i-phone (other brands are available) to a speck in the sky. He turned to TSMGW assembled, showed the screen display and announced....
"that's the 10.00 flight from Newcastle to Canada, it's 44 kilometers away, flying at 25,000 feet, travelling at 350 mph"
Our technical genius then went on to pick out a further two planes on the opposite horizon, invisible to the naked eye, providing equally accurate information.

And you think TSMGW just spent the down time between lots talking of horses, Hawick and rugby.....................

Link to video of Lot 2 : click here

Lot 2
right to left - 'Reeva' (Aidan), Eternally Yours (Kingy), Night Comes In (Murray), Paper Promise (Stuart)

Lot 3
Chestnuts Baby Ticker (Aidan) and Tomahawk Wood (Murray) lead Shades of Midnight (Stuart)

Lot 4
Wor Lass (Pinky) leads new youngsters Arakan gelding (Callum), Getaway filly (Kingy)

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