15th October news

Saturday work day

It was a sun-tanned figure who viewed First Lot from his vantage point at the head of the gallops. A week in the Algarve has done The Trainer the world of good, and the team were not the only ones to welcome him back, with faithful Security Guards (lol) Alfie and Hamish yelping with delight on the back of the quad bike. No one can quite believe that he relaxed for a whole seven days, reading three books, and the team have been searching desperately through the locale for a scheduled Thoroughbred Bloodstock Sale......

Some very fine work riders put the horses through their prescribed exercise, and it's a real privilege that Dodlands Steading can call on such excellent staff. Being based in Hawick, the high quality of the riding ability of the team is, without doubt, directly linked to the continued success of the local Common Riding and Pony Racing organisations. Should be good for another couple of centuries at least!

Lot 1 : Hartforth (Pinky), Night Comes In (Kingy), Paper Promise (Stuart), 'Sid' (Callum) put in a couple of pieces of work before the photographer arrived, or indeed any of TSMGW.

Lot 2 : Shades of Midnight (Pinky), Eternally Yours (Callum), 'Reeva' (Kingy), Paper Roses (Murray), Wor Lass (Stuart)
After coming up first time in a group, the secong gallop was more specific to the horses current fitness plan. Stuart took Wor Lass on a solo, fairly speedy piece of work ahead of her intended next race on Monday (see below).
The two unraced fillies moved sweetly upsides, and went well. Shades of Midnight and Paper Roses went more steadily, and pleased with their progression through the early stages of attaining race fitness

Lot 2
First time up - Paper Roses gives a lead to 'Reeva' and Shades of Midnight, tracked by Eternally Yours

Lot 3 :  'Spud' (Callum), Tomahawk Wood (Murray), 'Sting' (Pinky), Big Bad Dream (Kingy)
'Spud' just came up the once, but the other three geldings each did a couple of pieces of steady work

Lot 3
The chestnut gelding Tomahawk Wood leads 'Sting' (Pinky) and Big Bad Dream (Kingy)

Lot 4 : Keyboard Gangster (Pinky), Dali Mail (Callum), Baby Ticker (Murray), Side of the Road (Kingy)
Kingy and Pinky took Keyboard Gangster and Side of the Road off for some light exercise - both should be back galloping next week - whilst Callum and Murray had a couple of steady gallops on Dali Mail and Baby Ticker. The grey gelding is looking in fine condition, having strengthened considerably over the summer and pleased The Jockey as Baby Ticker is a good gauge of a morning working horse.

Lot 4
Baby Ticker (Murray) working nicely with Dali Mail (Callum)


Next outing for Wor Lass

She ran another fine race last time out at Ayr, runner up to a well supported favourite with the third horse several lengths adrift. Story of her year really, and it's now the stage of the flat season where there wont be too many more opportunities to run (she's been on the go from early June).

So, on to Musselburgh on Monday and a 2m amateur riders handicap, a Class 5 event. Now, Anna Hesketh comes in for the ride and of course she is the young lady who rode Wor Lass to six victories in recent years. Anna was an apprentice at that time and is now an assistant trainer to Tom Dascombe, but holds an amateur licence, and has readily accepted the invitation from Les to renew their partnership.
Advance going of good to soft should just be about right.

Good luck to all!!

Wor Lass Oct gallop
Wor Lass

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