29th November news

Runner in the last at Musselburgh tomorrow

It's been quite a cold spell these last few days, although things will get slightly warmer as we approach the weekend. None of which will make Musselburghgoodtofirm anything but a cold afternoon at the races, with a chill wind sweeping in off the sea. Still, as the old saying goes (I think), a cold day at the races beats a warm day doing anything else.

So if you're heading along, wrap up tightly but don't leave before the last where we've a young filly running in the bumper. Eternally Yours is making her racecourse debut, and faces 12 opponents. For an NH Flat Maiden race, there's several horses that have shown some good form in previous outings.
Irish raider Cherokee Prince has had 2 outings so far, both at Bangor on good ground albeit a year apart but both at a fair level. Mick Easterby and Donald McCain have both been amongst the winners of late, and their respective entries Town Head and Sonic have each finished close up in good ground bumpers. And if that's not enough, the Northern powerhouse stable of Nicky Richards' runs bumper runner up Karamoko.

Which leaves several who make their debut under Rules. Chris Grant debuts the Trevor Hemmings' gelding Corby -  a stoutly home-bred son of Witness Box, Jackie Stephen travels down with the point winner Lovely Schtuff, and he has an eye-catching second to Jonjo's Global Citizen in his Point C.V. Another trainer with a barrel full of winners in the last couple of weeks is Micky Hammond, and he runs the flat-bred L'Etoile, an autumn '16 purchase out of Roger Charlton's yard.

Another couple of runners out of fair flat families are the second of two Irish runners, Sayyestothedress, and Wor Verge from Susan Corbett's Otterburn yard who is winning jumps races on a regular basis with these types.

It's not an easy debut for our filly, on good ground, coming up against four or five with good racecourse experience and several more with pedigrees suited to track and the good going. Eternally Yours will improve during the course of the season as she strengthens and matures with racing, and we'll know where we stand with her after tomorrow.

Thimble gallop
Eternally Yours with tomorrow's jockey Callum

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