Musings : Thoughts and Reflections from contributors
26th October 2018 The art of paddock judgement
20th October 2018 Al is impressed by Middleham trainer Mark Johnston's sales ring technique
19th July 2018 Retraining of Racehorses - recent examples from Dodlands (writes Ian Aitken)
8th January 2018 Hartforth retires - an appreciation from owner Ian Aitken
25th November 2017 Wind-gate : further thoughts from Ian Aitken
21st November 2017 Declaration of Wind Ops in British racecards......the fall-out
10th September 2017 Al suggests a trait that may have made the late NH Sire Presenting a success
14th August 2017 Then and Now - Al reflects on changes in Scottish Racing......but is it for the best?
12th October 2016 Reflections of My (Racing) Life by Rory Bannerman
17th September 2016 Saturday morning, Dodlands Steading
18th January 2015 'Hey Al, Callum is riding well this season...'
27th November 2014 I'm Waiting for the Man....and so are a few in Racing, apparently
13th October 2014 Mr Angry is apparently..well, modern TV coverage of racing
8th December 2012 Al has a pop at race planning for NH mares
2nd September 2012 The remarkable Dave Brailsford - Al ponders on genius in sport
16th April 2012 National Healthcare - Allan Gilchrist's National thoughts
15th April 2012 Aintree reflections
13th April 2012 National trends, National lottery and National Velvet 
11th March 2012 Reflections on the 'do-gooder' attitude 
16th November 2011 Anticipation 
14th September 2011 The Wonderful World of The Bloodstock Industry 
10th July 2011 Tote in safe hands, surely? 
23rd January 2011 Lady Linesmen and Chris Kamara
17th December 2010 Well done Russell Lindsay 
14th December 2010 Champion Hurdle thoughts 
21st November 2010 The Mentalist, twins and murderous trainers 
14th November 2010 Race reading and analysis 
29th October 2010 Everybody Out! 
17th October 2010 Al Duncan contemplates the dilemma that racecourses face today. 
8th October 2010 Someone on Racing UK has upset our owner. 
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