Musing from Al Duncan

8th October 2010 : Someone on Racing UK has upset our owner.

The Eskimos have 35 different words to describe snow.
Not surprising when you come to think about it, as I often do. Surrounded by the stuff, there can’t be much else going on.

Just how many ways can we describe horses, then?
I’ll not attempt to reach 35 just quite yet (thank god for that! - ed), I’ll leave that for a suitably mundane meeting at work.

Horse, colt, filly, foal, thoroughbred, gelding, theTrevorHemmingsgelding, mare, yearling, hurdler, stayer.......quite a way to go.

Yet, I was taken aback when half-watching/listening to RUK the other evening and hearing the word ‘beast’ being used. Now, that made me sit up and pay attention.
Sure enough, there it was again, and this time there was no mistake.
 “...finished second to a beast from Mark Johnson’s yard.....” said the presenter.

I mean “beast”???

To describe a member of the thoroughbred racing population that I have adored since watching Nicholas Silver win our main race in 1961.... I was, and still am, horrified and hope I never hear that word to describe any horse again.

But I doubt it, somehow.

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