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29th October 2010 : Everybody Out!

I couldn’t help but be stirred by ROA President Paul Dixon’s call to arms to Racehorse Owners this week of  “Everybody Out!!!!” **

Well, okay, he didn't quite put it in such blunt terms.

But, in an effort to ensure racing obtains the requisite funding from its stakeholders, he is suggesting that
“ should organise itself to exert maximum harm on the bookmakers. This would require having non-racing days...."

You can savour the whole article here : Strike looks inevitable over dire prize-money

But, if you're in a rush, I’ve provided the best bits for you :

I have never met Paul Dixon, but his demeanour, and forthright manner in print, would put him in the formidable bracket in the influence and negotiating stakes. Just how successful he will be in organising a strike (if I have understood him correctly) remains to be seen, as the racing industry (essentially trainers, stables and owners) are compiled of a vast array of political views, ideologies, class and, let’s be honest, wealth.
Even then, it’s not so long ago that there were indeed racing free days (or Sundays are they were better known).

Paul’s heart is in the right place, I wish him well, but I rate his chances of succeeding – even a strike for one meeting – as between slim and none.

** Everybody Out was a strike threat popularised in an old black and white sit-com from the early ‘60s called The Rag Trade. Miriam Karlin was the actress who as the shop steward raised the rallying call – upon which the management inevitably capitulated to the workforce demands. These things succeed on TV.....

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