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23rd January : Lady Linesmen & Chris Kamara

I don't know if you noticed, but the Wolves v Liverpool Premier League match yesterday, saw a woman acting as one of the referee's assistants (that's a linesman to me and you). (I suspect you're making this up, Al - Ed).
And bang in the spotlights she was too, in the build up to Liverpool's first goal, correctly allowing play to continue despite pleas from Wolves' defenders for offside.

Naturally, this item was seized upon by the Sky Sports' Goals on Sunday show, hosted by Chris Kamara and ex-GMTV's Ben Shephard, with in-depth analysis from former Man Utd. striker Andy Cole (now I'm convinced you're making this up - Ed).

Chris opined that the lady linesman, or 'lady lineswoman' as Andy Cole referred to the female assistant referee, had made the difficult, but correct, decision in the goal described above, and this would give a boost to the numbers of women officiating in Premiership football matches in future.

"It's all about getting (female officials) a few more rungs up the ladder, and before you know it there'll be one in the middle and two either side" said our Chris without any flicker of recognition.

Ben Shephard (with sly look at the camera) "And you're looking forward to that?"

Chris (oblivious to a smiling Ben) "Mmmn, yes"

Let's just hope ATR's Gordon Brown never gets round to asking Chris' opinion on lady jockeys.......

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